video call interview
Video Interviews

Many businesses have been utilising video calls for many years. The ability to carry out face to face conference calls with partner offices, clients and  customers have made video platforms such as Skype an integral communication tool for many companies. Whether staff are video calling with with stakeholders in neighbouring cities or colleagues on the other side of the world, video calling has no doubt saved many businesses and individuals substantial time and money. With many businesses looking to become carbon neutral, video calls are the perfect solution to traditional meetings that would otherwise require polluting car or air travel.

Video Calls in the Employment Industry

Although many may argue that there is no substitute for a real face to face interview/meeting, video calls are without doubt the next best thing. Far more personal than a traditional telephone call, video calling could provide significant opportunities in the employment and recruitment process.

Traditional face to face interviews may never be replaced, however the the early stages of a business’s recruitment process or a candidate application may be significantly sped up.

Video calling platforms such as Skype would allow candidates to shine and portray their personality whilst allowing recruiters and  interviewers to better engage with candidates far greater than standard telephone calls provide. The option to include multiple interviewers on the video call without the awkwardness of talking over one another when on a telephone call also provides a smoother means of communication.

This relatively under-utilised communication platform within the recruitment industry could prove mutually beneficial from both an employer and candidates perspective.

As previously mentioned there is no substitute for a final interview at the later stages of the recruitment process, however many recruitment agencies may choose start including a technology-led early stage video call when initially screening candidates could prove a time saving strategy.