How E-commerce Growth Could Mean More Jobs

Traditional Shopping

The decline in sales of high street and brick and mortar shops has been well documented over recent months. The Corona virus has resulted in many well known shops closing their doors and entering administration. Imposed government restrictions have lead many businesses to shut up shop. Some of the businesses going into administration include Cath Kidston, Debenhams, Oasis and Warehouse to name a few.


While traditional shopping as we know it has come to a halt, statistics gathered from online retailers show e-commerce sales have seen a 168% increase in May compared to the same period last year. This has been driven by rising online sales of electronic items, DIY supplies, home furnishings and sportswear, according to an analysis of hundreds of millions of transactions. The growth in online sales also extends wider to include essential items such as groceries, with established supermarket Sainsury’s reporting significant growth largely due to the success of its online grocery sales.

Shopping Habits

The furlough scheme introduced by the government has meant much of the population is still receiving eighty percent of their usual salary. And with traditional high street shops closed, it would appear that the public have turned to online shopping in order to fulfil their shopping needs.

It would appear that the UK lockdown has changed the habits of how consumers shop, with transactions shifting online just as our work and social lives have. In the past, shoppers may have preferred brick-and-mortar stores to buy items such as electronics, furniture or clothes. Fast deliveries and extended returns policies have also help further encourage shoppers to move online.

Effects on Employment

For now, much of the UK population is still furloughed, however it is expected that many of these employees, specifically those in traditional retail jobs are in danger of being made redundant or not being asked to return to work when the scheme ends.

It is not all bad news for employment in the UK however. The surge in online sales and increased demand has resulted in a wide range of businesses refocusing their staffing and recruitment drives. While face to face retail assistant roles are in decline, businesses are now recruiting for more roles for online.

The grow e-commerce extends across a wide range of roles including:

New warehouses and fulfilment centres are being built across the UK whereby products are stored and distributed from.

Warehouses Staff

New fulfilment centres and warehouses need a wide range of staff in order to operate. Amazon’s new fulfilment centre based in Rugby has created 400 new jobs alone.

Delivery & Logistics

All the orders placed online have to be shipped. This has significantly increased the demand for drivers.

Online Sales Assistants

The “How can I help” box that pops up on many websites is often maned 24/7 by an online sales assistant offering advice and answering any questions online shoppers may have.

Website Designers/Developers
In the same way traditional shops are built and their layout designed for the best possible shopping experience. Teams of online developers and designers are often employed by online retailers.

Office Staff and Maintenance

The offices from which all the websites operate require cleaners, canteens staff and maintenance staff to ensure they all run.

The future of retail is uncertain, and it remains to be seen whether shoppers will return to the high street or continue to favour the online shopping experience. However the surge in jobs created by the internet economy can only be a good thing for jobseekers in the future.

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working from home
Are Employees Happier And More Productive Working From Home?

Since the out break of the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown that followed, many businesses and their employees have had to adapt. Where possible this has come in the form of working from home. Video calling platforms such as FaceTime and Zoom as well as more traditional forms of modern communication such as email has allowed many companies to make a fairly smooth transition.

While other businesses that rely on more traditional face to face or location based work are not afforded this luxury, more technology and online based businesses such as social media giants Twitter and Facebook have adapted so well that they are now allowing employees to work from home “forever”.

Not only has working from home been deemed as success by many employers, a recent survey by CNBC and SurveyMonkey has revealed that many employees are happier working from home and would prefer to stay that way once the pandemic is over.

So why are people happier working from home?

In recent years remote working and working from home have become more and more popular. Laptops and a good internet connection have given people the opportunity to work from almost anywhere.

The reduced need to travel to the office whether a ten minute drive or an hour long train journey has meant people have more time to themselves. This in turn can allow for a more healthy lifestyle or return providing people with more time to exercise, prepare food or social with their family, all of which they would not ordinarily enjoy in pre lockdown circumstances.

Fewer distractions that would otherwise be experienced in an office environment have in some cases made employees more productive. As previously mentioned modern communication platforms have also allowed all levels of staff to carry out meetings and dialogue uninterrupted.

If the trend is adopted permanently, working from home could prove cost effective for both employers and employees with reduced travel/commuting costs, no rent for business offices, and no maintenance charges.

companies in the UK still hiring
Industries That Are Still Hiring

While many businesses and industries throughout the UK and in many cases the world have been forced to furlough staff due the Coronavirus outbreak, it may come as a surprise to find that there are also businesses who are expanding during these times.

Often based on the needs of the public and associated increases in demand, certain industries such as food production, medical and care are all looking to fill newly created roles.

While other businesses have been able to adapt and in some cases thrive, new jobs have also been created not just in the health and food sector, but internet companies such as Virgin Media are also recruiting in order to continue to provide a high level of service to their customers who have increased their online demand when working from home.

Businesses and Industries who are Recruiting

Care Homes

Hundreds of care homes throughout the UK are currently recruiting. Roles at the homes include a wide range of professions including care workers, cleaners, nurses, chefs and assistants. These are rewarding roles helping to look after some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Pharmacies & Chemists

Numerous pharmacy chains are looking to recruit for temporary and permanent roles over the coming days and weeks. Vacancies include dispensers, pharmacists, delivery drivers and warehouse staff.

Super Markets

Many of the big supermarketers including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Aldi are currently recruiting in order to help keep up with increased demand. Jobs on offer range from warehouse work to delivery drivers and checkout staff. With many people looking to order their shopping online, many supermarkets have had to quickly adapt to the publics buying needs and habits.


Virgin Media is creating 500 new UK contact centre jobs to help keep customers connected during the coronavirus pandemic. New roles are being created at locations across the country on both a permanent and fixed-term basis. With added demand on the internet many online providers are looking to ensure their services is running smoothly.

Farming & Agriculture

Farms and agricultural businesses across the country are urgently looking for fruit and vegetable pickers, as there is a shortage of seasonal labour. The work is typically done by migrants coming in for short-term work, but a combination of Brexit and the Coronavirus crisis has meant fewer people are entering the UK.

The farming industry is hoping to emulate the success of the call for people to help the NHS, which has elicited more than 600,000 volunteers. It’s thought around 90,000 farm workers could be needed.

Logistics & Transport

The current lockdown imposed by the government and restriction on non essentials shops has lead the public to depend on online websites for non essential goods. This in turn has increased the need for drivers, warehouse workers and logistics experts.

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Home Workstations

Over the past few weeks and perhaps for the foreseeable future many of us will be working from home in order to maintain some sort of normality.

For the majority of us, our workstations will most likely be a dining/coffee table, kitchen work top or perhaps (if you’re lucky a desk). However there are some people more accustomed to working from home who have taken the home office one step further.

With this in mind we thought we’d take a look at some of the most unique, inspirational and adaptable home offices out there, covering a range of budgets…

The Garden Cabin

Why not go all out (one of the most expensive options available). The Garden cabin provides a large area to do as you please. A standalone building that can be customised to create the prefect work station. Order online at

Standing Desk

If you are tired of sitting down all day and want a simple solution, this adjustable stand up desk is perfect. Ideal for most surfaces, the desk offers various different hight options and comes with a separate stand for your keyboard.


The Scandinavian homeware store offers a wide range of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture perfect for creating a home office or workstation. With a variety of desks to suit almost any budget, style or size, you’ll find it hard not to find something that suits your needs. Thanks to their home delivery service there’s also no need to leave the house.

The Pulldown Desk

If you are short on space, the pull down desk is the perfect solution. Compact, stylish and easy to put together, the pulldown desk can be easily hidden when not in use.

The Car

With so many family members all at home at once, space may have become a premium. With this in mind some people have turned to their car as a workspace. Offering a comfortable seat, relative silence, and now even a temporary desk for an ipad or small laptop, the car could be seen as the perfect temporary home office solution.

Top Tips For Working From Home

Given the current circumstances the UK population face, many employees have been advised to work from home where possible. And if you are use to a loud busy office, this will come as a stark contrast to your daily routine. While you should remain positive that your profession allows the possibility to work from home, the thought of isolation and a lack of interaction may sound daunting.

With this in mind we have put together a list to help those who will be working from home in the coming weeks or months.

First Thing

Working from a spare room, living room (or home office of your lucky enough to have one) means there’s no commute. This otherwise occupied time could be used for exercise, perhaps a light jog around your local area or some sit ups at home (depending on your circumstances). Long term exercise has proven to help boost your immune systems and is a great way to start your day.

Dress for the Office

It can be easy to fall into the bad habit of wearing your jogging bottoms or underwear whilst sitting at your desk immediately after rolling out of bed. Why not put on your usual office attire and dress like you’re leaving the house. Although this may not sound like it will effect your work, it will help provide a clear distinction between work and leisure.

Regular Hours

While working from home you can easily loose track of time. Try your best to maintain regular working hours and ensure you don’t find yourself working more or less than you usually would.


Most home based workers will be spending their day on a laptop or computer. Try and take regular breaks from the screen. Once again these breaks provide great opportunity to exercise and get your blood pumping.


Fortunately thanks to email, phone, FaceTime, and numerous other platforms we can easily communicate will colleagues, employers, clients and friends. Try not to isolate yourself but instead stay in touch with others. You’ll most likely find many others in the same boat who will be more than happy to chat.

Take Advantage

This doesn’t mean working less than usual, but instead make use of the time you’d usually spend commuting, waiting for a printer, going to collect your lunch. Working from home has its advantages and can enable you to spend more time on your hobbies.


Working from home can provide numerous distractions. Create comfortable space with no intrusions that will allow you to focus on your work.

Stay Positive

For the more sociable of us, working from home may sound like a struggle. However remember the advantages that come with it. You’ll save both time and money on travel. You may find you are more productive. You have the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family.