working from home

Since the out break of the Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown that followed, many businesses and their employees have had to adapt. Where possible this has come in the form of working from home. Video calling platforms such as FaceTime and Zoom as well as more traditional forms of modern communication such as email has allowed many companies to make a fairly smooth transition.

While other businesses that rely on more traditional face to face or location based work are not afforded this luxury, more technology and online based businesses such as social media giants Twitter and Facebook have adapted so well that they are now allowing employees to work from home “forever”.

Not only has working from home been deemed as success by many employers, a recent survey by CNBC and SurveyMonkey has revealed that many employees are happier working from home and would prefer to stay that way once the pandemic is over.

So why are people happier working from home?

In recent years remote working and working from home have become more and more popular. Laptops and a good internet connection have given people the opportunity to work from almost anywhere.

The reduced need to travel to the office whether a ten minute drive or an hour long train journey has meant people have more time to themselves. This in turn can allow for a more healthy lifestyle or return providing people with more time to exercise, prepare food or social with their family, all of which they would not ordinarily enjoy in pre lockdown circumstances.

Fewer distractions that would otherwise be experienced in an office environment have in some cases made employees more productive. As previously mentioned modern communication platforms have also allowed all levels of staff to carry out meetings and dialogue uninterrupted.

If the trend is adopted permanently, working from home could prove cost effective for both employers and employees with reduced travel/commuting costs, no rent for business offices, and no maintenance charges.

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