Over the past few weeks and perhaps for the foreseeable future many of us will be working from home in order to maintain some sort of normality.

For the majority of us, our workstations will most likely be a dining/coffee table, kitchen work top or perhaps (if you’re lucky a desk). However there are some people more accustomed to working from home who have taken the home office one step further.

With this in mind we thought we’d take a look at some of the most unique, inspirational and adaptable home offices out there, covering a range of budgets…

The Garden Cabin

Why not go all out (one of the most expensive options available). The Garden cabin provides a large area to do as you please. A standalone building that can be customised to create the prefect work station. Order online at https://dunsterhouse.co.uk/helena-garden-office-right-w4-3m-x-d3-3m

Standing Desk

If you are tired of sitting down all day and want a simple solution, this adjustable stand up desk is perfect. Ideal for most surfaces, the desk offers various different hight options and comes with a separate stand for your keyboard.


The Scandinavian homeware store offers a wide range of desks, chairs, tables and other furniture perfect for creating a home office or workstation. With a variety of desks to suit almost any budget, style or size, you’ll find it hard not to find something that suits your needs. Thanks to their home delivery service there’s also no need to leave the house.

The Pulldown Desk

If you are short on space, the pull down desk is the perfect solution. Compact, stylish and easy to put together, the pulldown desk can be easily hidden when not in use.

The Car

With so many family members all at home at once, space may have become a premium. With this in mind some people have turned to their car as a workspace. Offering a comfortable seat, relative silence, and now even a temporary desk for an ipad or small laptop, the car could be seen as the perfect temporary home office solution.

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