Given the current circumstances the UK population face, many employees have been advised to work from home where possible. And if you are use to a loud busy office, this will come as a stark contrast to your daily routine. While you should remain positive that your profession allows the possibility to work from home, the thought of isolation and a lack of interaction may sound daunting.

With this in mind we have put together a list to help those who will be working from home in the coming weeks or months.

First Thing

Working from a spare room, living room (or home office of your lucky enough to have one) means there’s no commute. This otherwise occupied time could be used for exercise, perhaps a light jog around your local area or some sit ups at home (depending on your circumstances). Long term exercise has proven to help boost your immune systems and is a great way to start your day.

Dress for the Office

It can be easy to fall into the bad habit of wearing your jogging bottoms or underwear whilst sitting at your desk immediately after rolling out of bed. Why not put on your usual office attire and dress like you’re leaving the house. Although this may not sound like it will effect your work, it will help provide a clear distinction between work and leisure.

Regular Hours

While working from home you can easily loose track of time. Try your best to maintain regular working hours and ensure you don’t find yourself working more or less than you usually would.


Most home based workers will be spending their day on a laptop or computer. Try and take regular breaks from the screen. Once again these breaks provide great opportunity to exercise and get your blood pumping.


Fortunately thanks to email, phone, FaceTime, and numerous other platforms we can easily communicate will colleagues, employers, clients and friends. Try not to isolate yourself but instead stay in touch with others. You’ll most likely find many others in the same boat who will be more than happy to chat.

Take Advantage

This doesn’t mean working less than usual, but instead make use of the time you’d usually spend commuting, waiting for a printer, going to collect your lunch. Working from home has its advantages and can enable you to spend more time on your hobbies.


Working from home can provide numerous distractions. Create comfortable space with no intrusions that will allow you to focus on your work.

Stay Positive

For the more sociable of us, working from home may sound like a struggle. However remember the advantages that come with it. You’ll save both time and money on travel. You may find you are more productive. You have the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family.

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