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Social media platforms such as Facebook are great ways to share content with friends and family. However many businesses will often research potential employees prior to their interview to help find out more information about them. Most often this is via more business based social media platforms such as LinkedIn, however interviewers are now also looking at applicants Facebook profiles to help shed light on their personality.

If your Facebook profile is public for all to see then you may wish to consider the type of content that you are posting. Chances are if there are thousands of photos of you on drunk nights out and partying every other night, potential employers may paint a bad picture of you before you have even walked into the interview room. Posting political content or opinions may also have a potentially negative effect on interviewers.
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Your profile picture can also influence a business’s decision. Make sure you have a pleasant photograph of yourself. Research carried out by Academics from Ghent University found that employers often search for applicants on Facebook, and are influenced by what they see on their accounts. This is a great opportunity for you to show potential employers that you are reliable and well presented.

With three-quarters of interviewers checking social media before an interview it is important to make sure that if you’d rather your potential new manager doesn’t see what you get up to on a day to day basis then set your account to private. Privacy settings can be easily edited in your Facebook account settings.

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