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Depending on how many interviews you’ve had in the past, the process can sometimes feel daunting. Researching the business you are applying to is a great way of increasing your chances of success. It will also help you feel more prepared and ultimately more confident when walking into the interview.

The ability to research is a thought after skill and portrays to your interviewer that you have taken the time to find out more about their business and its history. The information you gather from your research could also help you answer any questions the interviewer may have, as well as providing you with an opportunity to express your interest in their business.

Where to Look


Most businesses will have their own website. On here you can often find an about us or company history page detailing when they started, who works for them and their business objectives. This should provide you with a great overview of the company. This knowledge will help ensure that you can highlight your skills and experience inline with their business goals and objects. On their website you can also often find useful information about the products or services they offer. This too give you a great opportunity to tell the interviewer how you can help in these areas.


LinkedIn is a great tool for researching businesses and people. Most companies and staff members will have a profile. Here you can find out more information on the business you wish to work for, along with employees and their role in the company.


Although Facebook is a social media website, many businesses will have a company Facebook page. On here you may find further information about the business and how they want to be perceived.

Interviewers won’t expect you to know everything about their business before you start the job. However detailing your knowledge of their business in the interview will go a long way to demonstrate to your potential new manager than you have taken the time to research their business and have a proactive approach towards the role.

Information that you find from your research can also help you tell the interviewer about how your past experience is relevant to their business.

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