Help your CV stand out

With so much competition in the job market it can be hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Here at Enigma Employment Agency Coventry we have put together a useful list that will help you and your CV get noticed.

CV Presentation

The layout of your CV is one of the first things an employer will look at. Ensure that your CV is easy to read and in chronological order starting with your most recent job. If you are struggling or in need of some guidance, Microsoft Word comes with a template perfect for creating a CV. Ensure you include your address and contact details at the top of your CV.

Spelling and Grammar

Any obvious spelling errors in your CV will be quickly noticed and give employers the impression you don’t care or don’t have any attention to detail (a skill that many employers require). If spelling and grammar is not your strong point, ask a friend or relative to proof read your CV.

Tailor your CV

Be sure to give detailed examples within your CV that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Provide an overview of your previous roles along with examples of goals that you have achieved. If the job that you are applying for mentions any certificates, licenses, knowledge of programs or specific experience that is required, make sure you include any relevant examples.

Cover letter
If the job you are applying for provides the option to include a cover letter with your application, take the opportunity to include an introduce yourself and include key reasons why you think you would be suitable for the job along with a brief overview of your experience and key skills.

CV Title

It may sound obvious but when saving your CV to be sent to a potential employer, ensure that you title the document with your name followed by CV, for example ‘Joe Bloggs CV’.

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