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For most of us no matter how much experience we have or how many interviews we’ve been to, the thought of being put on the spot is often a daunting one. Knowing that the next 30 minutes or so could potentially determine the next few years of your life is a nerve racking idea for anyone.

Fear not! Here at Enigma Employment we are here to help. Below we have created a helpful list to assist you in preparing for any interviews you have in the future.


You should always get to an interview with time to spare. This provides you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself and calm any nerves. The fact that you have turned up to the interview on time demonstrates you have good time keeping skills. If you are driving to the interview, plan your route. Google maps will calculate the time it takes to get there and will also show you near by areas for parking.


Regardless of the role you are interviewing for, we would advise you dress smartly (this doesn’t mean dressing for a black tie event). A smart suit or dress always makes a good impression. According to research people naturally judge you in the first 7 seconds, so making a good first impression is essential. When greeting the interviewer offer to shake their hand, this helps signify your professionalism and confidence. Make sure its a firm handshake (but not too firm).


Before even entering the interview, it’s always a good idea to research the company you have applied to. Look into the background of the business. When were they established? What are their goals and objectives? Remember these points and if the opportunity arises explain how your skills or experience can help them.

Speak Clearly

This may sound obvious but make sure you don’t mumble, but instead make yourself clear and easy to understand. If you get a dry mouth from your nerves why not take a bottle of water into the interview.


Make sure you bring along any certificates, qualifications or documentation the interviewer has requested. Whether its a portfolio of work or a passport or drivers license. This shows you are organised and can follow instruction.

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